PoseyPots™ are designed and produced by Mea Souris.
They are designed for the beautiful short stems that sometimes don’t make it into a vase:
Succulents, Natives, Flowers, Fresh kitchen herbs, Decorative grasses & foliage and more.

Each PoseyPot™ is glazed inside & outside.

Mea Souris - PoseyPot™

Our Collection

PoseyPots™ are, on average, 7 cm high & 15 cm diameter.

*Please note that some colours may be temporarily out of stock from time to time.





Black Pearl






White Pearl


Please note:

*Since PoseyPots™ are handmade, glaze colours may vary from images on this website.
There may be an occasional rogue pot which may seep a little - this is a very rare occurrence, but if it does,
please contact us & we will discuss replacement.

How to Setup Your PoseyPot™

  • Fill the PoseyPot™ with water – approximately ½ litre or until the water reaches the level of the lowest holes

  • Place the stems into the holes – one or more to each hole. Keep filling the holes until the PoseyPot™ is packed with flowers & foliage.

  • If you need to add water, instead of undoing your arrangement, simply submerge the PoseyPot™ full of flowers into a bowl or sink of fresh water. When it stops bubbling, drain for a few minutes & dry the base.

Please check that there is no moisture on the base of the PoseyPot™ before placing it on timber furniture.

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PoseyPots™ are shipped with protective bubble wrap in Australia Post sachets. Each sachet will hold at most 3 PoseyPots™.

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